Opo Khife


  • Height: 5'4"

  • Build: Toned, top-heavy.

  • Gender: Female

  • Race: Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te

  • Age: 28

  • Strength: Somewhat augmented.

  • Aetheric Field: Abnormal, reactive.

  • Mental Stability: Questionable.

  • Left Eye: Similarly hued, but slitted as a Seeker's would be.


A mysterious masked woman, heavily scarred & seemingly broken in many ways. Opo aan Khife speaks little of her past with those who press her, and often tries to dodge questions of her history with the empire. She spends much of her time in the lane observing the savages of Eorzea, occasionally looking for work.


  • Familiar? :: A few people knew Opo before I temporarily retired her. Some might be wondering what happened to her.

  • Garlean Angle :: Opo was previously a researcher (and test subject) for a somewhat clandestine Garlean facility in the northwest reaches of the continent.

  • Sharlayan Angle :: Opo spent most of her time between leaving Garlemald and reaching Eorzea traveling the western islands, picking up what information she could from the ruins of the Sharlayan nation.

  • New Sharlayan Angle (AKA 'Oh god not goblins') :: Her time with the goblins of Idyllshire left her with a decent knowledge of engineering, but a somewhat lackluster appreciation for it. She's capable, knowledgeable even, but will often speak poorly of engineers and their craft.

  • Ishgardian Angle :: Near feral despite her intellect upon reaching the northern reaches, her initial re-introduction into society was within the dregs of the city of Ishgard, often working odd jobs or doing other less savory work. She has a deep mistrust of Elezen as a result.

  • Ala Mhigan Angle :: Opo spent much of her lifetime being fed the Imperial line about Ala Mhigans, and spent much of her life considering them the most savage of peoples. Unfortunately, since arriving in Eorzea, the typical brutes she's met haven't swayed her far from the belief, leaving her quite predisposed to think most Highlanders savage idiots.

OOC Info

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