Out of Place

A displaced Garlean refugee, an assistant who'd tried to make her own way as a scientist...

With mixed results.

Above-Average Intellect

As a scientist and assistant, Opo spent equal amounts of time shunning her 'official' work...

And pursuing her own.

Blessed and Cursed Past

Years of servitude, pain, and research...

The signs remain.

Ingeneous and Secretive

She was a conscript before she was a scientist...

But being both is an asset.

Loyal to Few

As a refugee, Opo has little love for her old country...

New place, new possibilities.

A strange One

She's weird. She's eccentric.

She's a bit sinister.

The Disgrace

Most Garlean scientists are obedient. Most seek to gain power, to further 'humanity'. Others look for grandiose goals to impress their masters and mistresses.

Some are just bored.

Opo was one of these. She was taken from her family around the northern reaches of Ilsabard at a young age, and her almost insatiable thirst for knowledge did not go unnoticed. She had quirky interests and strange obssessions, often looking into the arcane with strange purpose, seeking odd uses for aether and magic that often seemed more esoteric than useful. Despite this, she was accepted into many halls of knowledge, eventually working towards gaining knowledge.

At the time, she was satisfied looking into her studies under the guise of furthering the grand plans of the Empire. As time passed, however, the often single-minded purpose of most military scientists began to bore her, and she sought other outlets. The civil war afforded her an opportunity. She fled west, using her knowledge (and sometimes her body) to find passage west past the Northern Empty, seeking to find refuge in Sharlayan lands. As she learned of the fate of those lands, however, she eased her path south, eventually making her way to the northern reaches of Aldenard and Dravania.

This would put her in contact with the goblins. A strange people, she was fascinated by them and their strange way of speaking, and spent a great deal in the 'new' Sharlayan lands. As she often did, however, she grew bored of the more engineer-driven ingenuity of the goblins, seeking passage further south to Vylbrand, and eventually to Mor Dhona.

Old clothing and stolen uniforms from the civil war afforded her entry into broken Castrums for the purposes of looting equipment, allowing her to find out-of-the-way spots to do singular experiments and small-scale research. Often borne out of boredom, these experiments were often frivolous, usually complex solutions to simple problems that she took glee in finding.

Eventually, even these small victories became boring to her, and she began to seek further things to do in the mainland, her aloof nature often keeping her distant from others, though she's occasionally been known to approach people with odd requests.

Basic Statistics

  • Age: 28

  • Gender: Female

  • Race: Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te

  • Height: 5'10"

  • Body Type: Very Curvy

  • Orientation: Unsure

  • Occupation: None

  • Real Name: Opo Khife

  • Aliases: Whatever she happens to think of at the time.

Scars & Abnormalities


  • Multiple lacerations from beasts across both front and back.

  • Two large surgical scars, one directly below bustline, one across mid-belly abdomen.

  • A few light scars throughout tail length.

  • A small wedge clipped/missing from left ear.

  • She displays scarring similar to the rest of her body across her face, mostly light combat wounds, but a rather deep scar that crosses from above her right eyebrow down to mid-cheek. She often wears a mask to cover this.

Body Inconsistencies

  • Muscular structure seems overly loose at times, suggesting relaxant use, yet her reactions do not follow along with this reasoning.

  • Fangs seem slightly elongated, along with a longer-than-average tongue.

  • Breast size seems inconsistent by roughly a cup size at their largest and smallest.


  • Opo's aether appears tainted just slightly, those familiar might notice traces of the sort of experimentation common among the Garlean nations.

  • She has a large concentration of aether centered just below her diaphragm.

RP Hooks

  • Stranger? :: It's possible that Opo was the assistant long ago to Garlean scientists that had been sent to experiment upon prisoners. While she would be unlikely to join in on anything terrible, she was often wide-eyed and perfectly aware of what was going on. Though she's perhaps tried to tamp down the worst atrocities she's witnessed.

  • Traveler / Culture Thief :: Opo has traveled a long way from her northern home, passing through old Sharlayan, New Sharlayan, Ishgard, and a few brief jaunts into Gyr Abania. It's likely you might have either seen her or recognize some of the insignias or trinkets she's stolen along the way.

  • My ____ Is Augmented :: Opo's been very slightly augmented with genetic alterations, most very subtle in her musculature and form, however, she does have slightly over-sensitive hearing and smell to compensate her somewhat poor eyesight. Her glasses often overcorrect and give her better-than-average sight, but with the limited periphery that such spectacles would give. Feel free to let me know if there's something amiss that she might smell or hear about nearby characters.

  • Nicknames :: Opo usually tries very hard to avoid giving her name out, and often will continue calling others by what seems like pet names even after learning their actual names. It's often a sign of proper respect or some form of admiration if she opts to actually use a person's name in reference to them. She most often appends any name she makes up with 'Little' or, more rarely 'Dear'.

  • A Bit Prejudiced :: She will often cite racial tendencies and tropes and find much of the behavior of others to fit into those stereotypes, and often seems quite surprised when people manage to differentiate themselves from their supposed culture. In particular she seems to have a rather high-and-mighty attitude towards Highlander Hyurs.

  • Awkward... :: Since throwing away the 'insane' persona she had put on for so long, she's quickly realizing actual interpersonal relationships are very much foreign to her. She often adopted 'hit and run' tactics to meeting people, almost never forming a proper relationship with anyone, and instead observing from afar or simply taunting to avoid others wishing to properly engage with her. As such, she's a complete wreck whenever she's faced with proper interaction.

Typical Equipment

  • Knives :: She often has two simple kukri-style knives hidden on her person. Sometimes a more standard dagger in view when she's wearing hunting gear.

  • Stunning Hands :: She often wears gloves with small contact points that emit a (usually one-time before burning out) strong electrical charge aimed to stun or incapacitate a target. Occasionally she will channel lightning aether through them once they're burned out, but this has a high chance of backfiring upon her.

  • Lightly Armored :: She often keeps padded layers of leather under her robes, so most often simple hand-to-hand blows will not be heavily effective against her.

  • Stolen Magitek / Goblin Tech :: She sometimes carries small gadgets for simple purposes with her that she's either jury-rigged together herself or otherwise stolen from where she's come from. She often employs little gadgets either gifted to her or stolen off of goblin engineers.

  • Not Quite Flying :: She often wears a small plate-shaped device on the small of her back that acts as a sort of personal hover device. It requires a few moments of thought beforehand, though, so (OOC) unless she passes a reaction check, she won't have time to react to sudden movements. It also cannot function for more than a few moments at a time before needing to be recharged, so she cannot use it for any sustained flight.

Opo jen Khife

OOC Info

  • DANGER :: Opo is a very blunt person. She will often say things that are easily hurtful to most, and her prejudices often play up the things that may offend. She's actually quite nice in practice, but is not good at keeping her comments to herself, sometimes.

  • Walkups? :: I love walkups. Feel free to bug her in any way, just expect a bit of a crazy-person response, sometimes. Send me a tell if I don't immediately respond, or if my RP tag isn't up but I'm still -around-.

  • Mature Themes? :: I don't mind mature themes, or violence, just know that for most fighting I prefer rolls unless there's been some sort of agreement ahead of time. She's not a weakling, even if she's not anywhere near a soldier's skill level in combat. She's best described as a trickster and assassin, often trying to disable or kill outright as quickly as possible.

  • Srs Bsns :: I'm a bit on the side of serious, well-put-together RP over frivolous stuff. I'd much prefer something interesting and thought through than someone playing the ex-dee random person across from her slight insanity.

  • F'd up :: I have a tendency to come up with kinda fucked up/mature themes as a backstory for my characters, and Opo is no different. It won't be easy to uncover if you decide you care about it, but I do tend to drop semi-regular hints for people who seem to actually want to delve into her reality.

  • Networking :: I'm looking for a roleplay Free Company and/or a social/RP Linkshell, but I will almost never ask to join. I generally only join things that others have interest in inviting me to, otherwise I feel I'm intruding. Generally it's the same with friends list adds. I rarely will add someone else to my friends list unless I have a particularly amazing session of RP with them, so if you're interested in Opo continually taking notice, add me. Also to note, if you are on my friends list from a previous character and don't know me OOC, it's likely I've cleared you off my friends list, so just assume that you're not on mine at the moment.

  • M/ERP? :: Yeah, sure. It's insanely rare for me, and good luck getting her to do so. You know what they say about getting in bed with crazy.

  • Fake the Funk? :: Never.